Stephen Langley

Teaches: Guitar
Contact: (303) 847 7955,
Availability: Thurs, Sun

I began guitar when I was 12 and since then I've been pursuing it passionately. I started a band in high school and now that we're graduated we've been playing more in the Parker/Denver area. I'll be attending the University of Colorado Denver this fall to study international business and Chinese.  As for my guitar method, my main focus is giving students what they need to discover things on their own. This is a tricky balance to maintain that varies from student to student, but in general I try to give students enough background information to be able to make their own connections while practicing at home, while still providing enough guidance and material to maintain a structured learning experience. This more analytical approach is something I reserve for older students, however, and I love helping young kids begin their guitar adventures. I'm free most days of the week, however my current lessons are on Thursdays and Sundays.