Drum and Percussion Lessons

Let's face it: drums are just plain fun. It's one thing to bang on the drums, and another thing entirely to focus on the discipline and coordination needed to truly excel at it.

Drum lessons are what you need to understand the technique that goes into this amazing instrument. Our teachers are experienced players and will show you things you could never learn on your own! Drums are one of a kind and will teach you things no other instrument offers.

If you already play a different instrument, why not learn to play drums and add to your repertoire? As Spinal Tap will tell you, the hardest part of forming a band is finding a drummer. There is no shortage of gigs for a drummer. It is an extremely rewarding instrument.  

Our teachers take your instinctual passion for making lots of noise with a drum set or other, less conventional percussion and show you how to do more with it. Hard work has never been so much fun. 

Professional Instructors

All of our teachers at Allegro Music work independently and charge their own rates. Tuition is generally $120.00 per month. Take a look below at some of our awesome teachers! Feel Free to contact them directly and set up lessons!

Jim Fierro
Contact: 720-273-9829
Call for availability

Rick Henson
Contact: 303-886-5180
Availability: Thur - Sat

 Joe Wilkinson
Contact: 303-805-2641
Availability: Mon, Tue, Fri